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So, being of like mind, they began at once to construct a magnificent palace for what kingdom has not such a structure, what king can rule without a palace from which to do so?

Therefore while still wearing their royal robes they began at once to construct their kingly residence. Please forgive me for their appearance was the envy of all!

Is it any wonder that those they encountered were utterly captivated by their beauty?

) So the first step of any home construction project is to find the perfect location and this was to be no ordinary home for this would be their royal palace! Soon their eyes fell upon a giant sycamore tree with branches tall and true.

He had found a new queen and together they returned to The Treetop Palace. The royal children soon grew strong and before long flew from the palace to seek fame and fortune of their own and the king and queen took a well deserved vacation.

Once upon a time, long ago in a land not so far away, a handsome young prince called Jim and his beautiful bride, Cindy, sought far and wide for a kingdom of their own. ” proclaimed the young prince and his beautiful bride nodded in agreement.Their journey led them to a wonderful land where the rivers flowed as freely as the wildlife played! Field and stream, meadow and woodland abounded with life and excitement. Now this new king and his lovely queen were of independent spirits needing no royal court or attendants.They were quite anxious and able to accomplish all they desired through personal labor and sheer determination.Then one very dark autumn day tragedy struck and the young king lost his queen.For days he mourned, searching his kingdom in hopes of finding her again.

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