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Aside from dastardly sandy winds introducing grit and irritating the sensitive eye region, infections of the eye were a serious and widespread concern (5).

The opening was large enough to allow for a finger, feather or small stick to be dipped into the pot and then applied to the face. Arabs and modern Egyptians refer to it as “kohl”, while the Romans and Greeks named the product “kollurion”.Today we use galena for less prestigious and artistic purposes, in rechargeable batteries and as lead shot to fill shotgun shells.In 2010, French researchers analyzed samples from 52 kohl containers residing at the Louvre museum in Paris and found that the cosmetic contained trace amounts of four uncommon lead species: galena (Pb S), cerussite (Pb CO3), phosgenite (Pb2Cl2CO3), and laurionite (Pb(OH)Cl) (3).The cultured cells released one of the most important messaging molecules in the immune system, nitric oxide gas (NO); this gaseous molecule serves an activating messenger to bacteria-eating macrophage cells and stimulates blood flow by increasing the diameter of capillaries, encouraging rapid immune cell movement within the bloodstream (3).A 240-fold increase in NO production was sparked by the presence of lead ions, a bona fide tsunami of molecules flooding surrounding cells to respond to invading bacteria.

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