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But it turned out that “America’s First Family” was every bit as dysfunctional as many real ones.

Behind closed doors, when the cameras were off, Daddy had a problem, and the rest of the family bent over backward to keep it secret.

Nothing unusual there — almost all of the top news executives at NBC, CBS, ABC, and the cable news networks have been white men, throughout the recorded history of television.

That tradition of male supremacy looms over the big decisions — from protecting predators in the anchor’s chair to deciding what is, and what isn’t, news.

And it was at the most pivotal moment when NBC News put its compromised star Lauer front and center, moderating a nationally televised “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on the Intrepid carrier parked off Manhattan in September 2016.

The night is remembered as one where Lauer repeatedly let Trump off the hook — declining, for example, to press the then-GOP nominee on blatant inconsistencies on whether he’d opposed the war in Iraq (he hadn’t) — while seemingly determined to make Clinton uncomfortable on stage.

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Officials cited (off the record, of course) bad “chemistry” between the two — deflecting the reality that Curry’s skill and sincerity were making Lauer look bad.None worse than now-accused predator Mark Halperin, a pundit whose dim views of Hillary Clinton and his barely disguised admiration for Trump’s machismo often turned up on NBC News’ cable outlet, MSNBC; Halperin once wrote (with coauthor John Heilemann) that Clinton was “[p]rideful, aggrieved, confused — and still high on the notion she was leading an army, Napoleon in a navy pantsuit and gumball-sized fake pearls.” Clinton was a major-party nominee and career politician who deserved tough, critical news coverage — and God knows she got it.But there’s a difference between investigative reporting and sexist dismissiveness, and the latter flourished in the key final weeks of the Clinton-Trump showdown.And in politics, the 2016 presidential election would prove to be a choice between a male billionaire drenched in misogyny and a smart, driven woman who probably — consciously or subconsciously — reminded more than a few news executives of … In hindsight, we probably shouldn’t be shocked that Matt Lauer’s new boss and protector didn’t seem to think that allegations that powerful men are sexual predators was much of a story.So when MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow uncovered powerful evidence — even a New York police tape recording — documenting the crimes of Hollywood mogul Weinstein, Lack and his minions kept sending it back for more reporting and finally told Farrow to take it somewhere else.

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