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My answers are:1 - It depends on how much time I have and how horny I am. You: hi Stranger: hey You: how r u Stranger: fine thanks and u? aww u r adorable x DYou: It is a bit homo but it would be nice You: then he leans in and gently kisses you on the lips Stranger: nonono x D pls stop it now xd You: You don't like this? You: There is no reason for that even if we are hear to satisfy our lust. Stranger: i see Stranger: ok, i think u r sweet You: thank you You: how old are you - I am curious You: I am 46 - some people think that is old Stranger: thanks for the chat i have to go... i want sexchat or something Stranger: im 18 haha yeah its old but not much Stranger: for me old is 50 and up You: can you imagine holding hands with an older man? You: Looking into your eyes and stroking your face? they have to learn to u You: Yeah much of conversation starts out crude and gets cruder. You: People have homo sex for all sorts of reasons - some find themselves attracted to just one person of the same sex - not to people of same sex in general.My longest jerkoff session lasted for 5 hours I guess. Stranger: mmm i dont have a prototipe of people You: well, lets say - do you like guys or girls or both? You: I prefer girls but would do it with a right guy. Stranger: faster* i tell u, im not homo or bi You: those are just labels Stranger: im straigh, i like girls and i can be ur son or... Stranger: my dad had that years x D sorry, thats a bit of homo and i dont like so much but...

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