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Such permissions can be requested from Belarusian tour operators and travel agencies.“In theory any travel agency working in Belarus has a right to issue such permissions in case they decide to cooperate with us on visa-free entry.

So there’s no any single list of agencies and operators”, Tatiana Ledyaeva, Deputy Head of Sports and Tousirm Department Of Grodno Region Executive Committee, told Belarus Feed.

The patients told the head of state how treatment procedures are organized over there. They cure everyone here,” noted Alexander Lukashenko. Visa-free travel program in the tourism and recreation zone Brest and the Augustow Canal Park In order to use the visa-free travel option tourists need to bring a document valid for travels abroad and a document, which allows visiting the tourism and recreation zone Brest or the Augustow Canal Park individually or as a group.

Digital Economy Development Ordinance The document enables unprecedented conditions for resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park and gives a serious competitive edge to the country for creating a 21st-century digital economy.

The tourists must confirm that they have enough money to cover living costs and tickets.

For every day of the stay a visitor must have an equivalent of 2 basic amounts, or 42 Belarusian rubles (~/€20 at present).

Main accomplishments of the Belarusian power engineering industry in 2017 Belarus retains high positions in the Getting Power indicator in the Doing Business ranking among 190 nations — 25th position.

Belarus provides unprecedented support to maternity and childhood,” the Belarusian leader stressed.

We have also developed a mobile application with GPS navigation that will help visitors to travel inside the zone without breaking the border”, Tatiana Ledyaeva explained.

The Augustow Canal will become a second visa-free zone in Belarus after the national park Belovezhskaya Pushcha, where foreign citizens are allowed stay up to three days.

The Augustow Canal is a 19th century cross-border canal between Podlaskie Voivodeship of north-eastern Poland and the Grodno Region of north-western Belarus.

Dating back to 12th century, the city has has one of the largest concentrations of Roman Catholics in Belarus.

Picture by Vitaly Shmuray.“We’re going to lauch an information portal with the list of the places belonging to the visa-free zone.

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