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You can also find any audio episode dating back to late 2006 via our MP3 Archives. We are your #1 source for free chat rooms for OLDER kids and younger teens.It's when someone I care about goes out of their way to do something the…The end of 2017 has taken a turn, and by that I obviously mean Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are suddenly and aggressively hanging out after breaking up almost four years ago.Swift herself hasn’t yet shared the track list (I'm impatiently waiting o…You guys, there is a lot going on with our main girl Selena Gomez.[tags: education, online, success] - Online Learning and Adult Learner Adults are taking a more preferred method of education by taking online classes versus face-to-face traditional classes, which to most is a more affordable means.

The Genoese explorer had successfully convinced Isabella and Ferdinand to sponsor his voyage of discovery.

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In 1469, Isabella married Ferdinand, who would become the King of Aragon, a union which would later serve to unify Spain physically and spiritually.

In 1474, Henry died and a civil war between Isabella and Joanna ensued.

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