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I had to login to my husband’s Facebook account (who does not “Like” their Official Page) to find Global Exchange’s Community Page. If your organization does not have a Wikipedia Page [also known as articles], then your new Wikipedia account allows you to create one.

BUT International Development Exchange does not have a Community Page. /pages/IDEX/121216267890213 Notice the ability to suggest a relevant Wikipedia Page? All that said and Facebook confusion aside, odds are your nonprofit has a Facebook Community Page.

This “semantic view” of wiki content has rapidly become the focal point of the Linked Open Data cloud, but its impact on the original Wikipedia source is limited.

In particular, little attention has been paid to the benefits that the semantic infrastructure can bring to maintain the wiki content, for instance to ensure that the effects of a wiki edit are consistent across infoboxes.

Now that most nonprofits have a Community Page on Facebook in addition to their Official Page, it is crucial that nonprofits create a Wikipedia account to edit, maintain, and “Watch” their organization’s Wikipedia Page. Because Facebook Community Pages have Wikipedia Tabs that pull in your organization’s information directly from Wikipedia.

For example, I used to work for a nonprofit called Global Exchange.

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