Who is the singer shakira dating

She locked herself up with a personal tutor, studied the lyrics of Bob Dylan and the poetry of Walt Whitman and wrote the English lyrics to her album 'Laundry Service’, 'with a dictionary in one hand and a thesaurus in the other’.Why bother when a jobbing songwriter could have done it? 'I just felt that was part of my destiny and I had to fulfil it.

The new reality was a shock to me, so my parents decided to take me to the park where orphans were sniffing glue to put my situation in perspective.

I remember it so vividly: I made myself a promise that one day I would, one, vindicate my parents’ social and economic situation and, two, do something about those kids.

That image of those kids that day in the park has never left my mind.’ It sounds like a cheesy speech from a miniseries, but I sense that’s how Shakira sees her life: an epic drama with her as the protagonist.

But an award for 'best rear on television’, given by a listings magazine, was not enough to satisfy Shakira’s ambition.

Then Sony announced it would drop her unless the sales of her next album improved dramatically. But I work best that way and basically I did my first really good album.’ Aware that talent does not necessarily equal sales, Shakira promoted it all over Latin America.

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